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Campaign on
'Say No To Plastic Bags'

posted on September 25, 2016

Competition for Schools 

As an Out Reach partner of Earth Day Network India, Digital School ftook up the responsibility of creating mass sensitization about ‘Say No To Plastic Bags and Low Carbon Life Styles Campaigns’ in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. 'Say No To Plastic Bags' and 'Low Carbon Life Styles' are the Earth Day Network India’s campaigns. ‘Say No To Plastic Bags’ campaign aims to reduce the number of plastic bags used in India and to suggest alternatives to these such as paper and cloth bags. ‘Low Carbon Life Styles” campaign aims to make people aware of the need to leVad Low Carbon Life Styles by the judicious use of energy, and by opting for renewable energies.

During the campaign, the students would have to participate in interesting activities that would help build awareness about the importance of saying no to plastic bags. This competition will culminate on National Energy Conservation Day (December 14, 2016) and top three academic institutions will be awarded as winners. The entries should reach Earth Day Network by December 14, 2016. With this campaign, we would like to instill the habit in people of using non-plastic bags which will have a huge impact on the pollution of our environment.

Step 1: Registration

Register for the campaign by filling up the form. Click Here to register or

Step 2: Things to do

Photo Essay: Photo essay is an account of something told predominantly through photographs, with some accompanying text. The text should be within 100 words. Write photo essays on before and after photographs of an activity taken up to mitigate the menace caused by plastic bags. It could be something as simple as a cleanliness drive where students engage in cleaning up a spot that is littered by plastic bags. Or picking up plastic bags/plastic wrappers that are mindlessly thrown away by people on road sides or from the school bus windows

Pledge Card: The campaign also includes taking pledges while holding a pledge card that says “I #SayNoToPlasticBags.” This needs to be photographed and shared with us

Signature Campaign: A signature campaign needs to be conducted. This needs to be photographed and images of people (students, teachers, Prinicipal, guardians) signing as well as images of the board /sheet where the signatures are procured needs to be shared with us

Newspaper Bag Making: Students would have to make paper bags using old chart papers or newspapers and a natural glue (maida, atta starch etc.), which they would then distribute to the local vendors requesting them to use these instead of the low micron plastic bags that they generally use to give away the goodies. Document the act of making paper bags by clicking pictures. Also, document the act of distribution of paper bags to local vendors by clicking pictures. One can find several videos on making newspaper bags by clicking on this link

Step 3: Culmination

Mail all of the above at Everything has to be sent in one mail preferably like a zip folder having sub folders named after the activity (eg Signature Campaign). Also, the school name should be the name of the folder. For detailed information please contact Ph:9700503161

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