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Workshop for
Gender Sensitivity in Media

‘Population First’, a Mumbai based not for profit organization in association with 'Digital School' conducted a Workshop for Gender Sensitivity in Media at Visakhapatnam on 1st and 2nd October 2017. The workshop for Media engages working journalists with regard to gender sensitive reportage. Innovative theatre techniques as well as interactive sessions with experts in the field of gender based issues are used, to provide a comprehensive experience which will add value to reporting skills. The workshop is mandated by UNFPA.

‘Population First’ has been working towards gender sensitive and social development oriented health and population programmes since 2002. Under this objective, the Laadli initiative, launched in 2005, works with influencers in media and advertising to change mindsets related to women’s rights and gender equality.  
Dr. A.L.Sharada, Director, ‘Population First’, conducted the training on gender, sex and patriarchy. Mr. Manjul Bharadwaj, theatre thinker, was the key Resource Person of the theatre workshop.


Abdullah Md

Asha Latha D

Bangaru Raju E


Dr. Sai Kumar

Hari Venkat


Mahesh MS

Manikanta Saluru


Prakash G

Prakasha Rao VS

Pratika Y

Ramarao K 

Ramanaidu S

Rama Krishna B

Sai Padma

Sangeetha Muddapu

Sita M

Sreenivas Rao Lammatha

Sridevi Datta P

Vijayabhanu Kote