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NGO Funding Guides

Digital School published 3 NGO Funding Guides in Telugu.
1. Corporate Social Responsibility funds for NGOs
2. Foreign Funds for NGOs
3. Government Funds for NGOs

NGO Funding Guides


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Training Programs


Learn with joy and fun

Digital School conducts training programmes on Web Designing, Film making, Radio production and eBook publishing .

Digital School Books


Think out of the box

Digital School publishes Books and develops eBooks to cater the needs of students, teachers and NGO sector.

Web Designing

Web Designing

Communicate with the world

We are equipped to make effective use of Bootstrap 4 by generating highly responsive website for you.

Language Services

Content is king

Content development, editing, translation services are offered by Digital School.

Earn Money Online?    

Earning Money online... It sounds like an invitation to a  great scam. Yes, if you want to earn lakhs of Rupees over night, it is! But, if you have some skill and want to work hard and earn money working from home, you have lot many opportunities waiting online. Read Telugu Book 'ఇంట‌ర్నెట్లో డ‌బ్బు సంపాదించ‌టం ఎలా?" (How to Earn Money Online?)  published by Digital School 

How to earn Money Online?
School Radio

School Radio

Internet Radio

School Radio is an online Radio
for schools, colleges and universities and a tool to enhance life skills of the students . This is an unique concept, developed by
Digital School. 

Vikasa Dhatri

Vikasa Dhatri

Free Telugu Books

Vikasa Dhatri has been developing and offering Telugu eBooks for free downloads since 2005. So far offered more than 380 books. Vikasa Dhatri is an initiative of Digital School.
Vikasa Dhatri is also into printing fiction and nonfiction books.

Consumer Education Society


Communication for Development

Digital School extends support to CES and facilitates workshops on Environment Education, Consumer Protection, Gender and Education for Sustainable Development.

Gudipati Venkata Chalam

Chalam Foundation

Communication for Change

Digital School in partnership with Chalam Foundation supporting creativity, innovation and literary works.

All payments can be made online using Credit / Debit cards, Net banking or deposited in Digital School account through NEFT/RTGS.


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